Program Design and Creation

Program Adjustment, Design and Creation

Drug-testing programs must be tailored to deal with the modern-day issues and drugs or they risk being ineffective or sanctioning people inappropriately. Whether you are involved with a sporting group, manage high school drug-testing programs, or are in charge of setting department policies for police, fire, military or other personnel, the program must be designed correctly and be reevaluated frequently to keep up with an ever-changing landscape.

We have more than 30 years of experience designing, adjusting and building drug-testing programs for a variety of groups including the NCAA, NFL, MLB, the U.S. Military, high schools and more. We can ensure that the banned substance list used is ideal for your purposes and will not lead to confusion or positives from use of legal substances. We can evaluate or suggest alternative procedures to add effectiveness. Through our connection to research and also dietary supplements, we are aware of the new drug issues that constantly break the horizon and we can respond accordingly by adjusting the program.

Legal dietary supplements have become intertwined with drug testing and they must be reasonably accounted for in any drug-testing system. Thankfully, we are experts in this arena and can guide you through the pitfalls, especially when creating new programs or adjusting old ones. Police departments and other such agencies have a great deal of exposure in this area as they require physically fit employees, who often turn to legal supplements to maintain their fitness. If the testing program does not account for this, it can result in termination of employees who were taking legal products and lead to costly legal battles.
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