high school steroid testing

High School Steroid Testing Solutions

Testing of High School Athletes

High school steroid testing has been widely debated in recent years. Several programs were developed around the country, most notably in Texas, Illinois, Florida and New Jersey. Of these four state programs, only one remains in effect today, in Illinois. This contraction illustrates a complex problem, for which we offer a solution.

While we always support and promote educational efforts, we also believe that testing is a key ingredient in managing the whole problem and dissuading young people from starting down the path of abusing performance-enhancing drugs. The challenge with such testing has been the high cost.

We have solved this problem by developing low-cost tests. These cover well-known steroids, but also the new and designer steroids constantly sold as supplements, and which are a key part of the problem. We offer effective high-school steroid testing at or below the prices offered elsewhere. What you get is maximum value at a minimum cost.

High-school steroid testing is important, not just to keep young athletes free of banned substances but to protect all students from the serious issues that can arise from their use. We know this because we have worked on a number of cases in which young adults have gotten dangerously sick from using substances they did not realize could be harmful. Use of such drugs can cause serious mood swings leading to suicide and other tragic consequences. Permanent hormonal and physical changes can occur. Psychologically, the attitudes that are developed through performance-enhancing drug use set dangerous precedents in both sport and in life. Unfortunately, the issues are not isolated to football, baseball or even athletics; they are also present in other competitive pursuits and for teenagers at large.

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