Drug Testing


Drug Testing

At ADSI, drug testing is a primary focus. We create state-of-the-art solutions focused on performance-enhancing drugs in sports. As the impact of performance-enhancing drugs has expanded to include other sectors beyond sports, so too have our offerings. Along with our continued concentration on testing and supplement certification for athletes, we have diversified our focus to include testing and supplement certification for the military, police departments and other law enforcement concerns, testing and supplement certification for the equine and canine, and certification of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

All ADSI programs focus on known drugs of concern as well as developing new drugs that unfortunately enter the pipeline on a regular basis. Testing capabilities are in place for drugs on the banned list for various governing bodies, such as WADA, the NFL or NCAA. New capabilities come on line frequently, focused on newly developed drugs. Designer doping products appear constantly in the dietary supplement industry and we respond immediately with new method development. Drugs like ‘6-OXO’ or ‘Tren,’ for instance, are identified and added to our capabilities. In the protein realm, we either develop or keep up with the latest detection technology for EPO and related drugs such as Mircera and the many generic biosimilars.

ADSI can employ both traditional drug-testing programs, such as those used for many sporting bodies, and our custom-designed Longitudinal Monitoring Program. Whether it’s a traditional or customized approach, we can create a program to meet your needs.


Scientific Expertise

ADSI has access to the latest developing scientific techniques and methods and applies them in unique new ways. More +


Analytical Capabilities

ADSI offers its expertise in many applications including testing programs, supplement testing, legal support and consulting, and other related areas. More +

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