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ADSI: World-Renowned Scientific Consulting for Sports Drug Testing Programs and Dietary Supplements

about_cnt_imgAnti-Doping Sciences Institute (ADSI) is a well-regarded provider of analytical testing and consulting services in the realms of sports drug testing and dietary supplement certification. Its clients include supplement manufacturers, related companies, sports leagues and teams, as well as athletes and consumers. ADSI offers a full range of services including designing and conducting world-class drug testing programs, performing supplement testing and analysis in a variety of situations, providing expert consulting to sports organizations or in legal situations, managing information hotlines for competitors, and more. We represent a unique vision and approach to the future of anti-doping.

Founded in 2004 by renowned sports anti-doping scientist Don Catlin, M.D., his son Oliver Catlin, and respected Los Angeles attorney Ryan Connolly, ADSI excels in performing dietary and nutritional supplement analysis; advising on drug-testing programs; consulting sports leagues, teams and athletes; and providing expert consulting for legal cases. ADSI embodies Dr. Catlin’s dynamic vision for the anti-doping industry and applies it in creative new programs and applications designed to confront the enormous challenges in trying to keep sport clean and consumers safe.

For inquiries about ADSI’s services, please contact us at info@antidopingsciences.org or 1-800-920-6605


Scientific Expertise

ADSI has access to the latest developing scientific techniques and methods and applies them in unique new ways. More +


Analytical Capabilities

We offer our expertise in many applications including testing programs, supplement issues, legal support and other areas. More +

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