Legal Consulting and Analysis

Legal Support With Drug Tests and Supplement-related Issues

In the past decade, the legal issues surrounding the world of drug testing and the consumption of dietary or nutritional supplements (also sometimes referred to as performance or sport supplements) have grown. Such cases occur not only in sports but in public service, the healthcare professions and other fields. They are often serious and require much time and money to defend. If you are experiencing a problem related to banned substances or drug testing and would like consulting assistance, ADSI can provide its trusted expertise.

Led by the Catlins, the most renowned name in sports drug testing and supplement certification, ADSI has successfully supported numerous legal cases where these issues have arisen. From police officers who have been threatened with termination for taking legal supplements to athletes who have tested positive after ingesting a seemingly harmless product to patients who suffer health consequences after unknowingly taking powerful drugs not listed on their labels, ADSI has delivered scientific insights that have shed light on the truth at hand. ADSI has also helped government groups and professional sporting organizations identify new doping substances and adjusted banned substance lists to account for modern doping issues.

To unravel such issues, complex analysis and interpretation of data are often required. If your case has merit and fits with our overall philosophy, ADSI will likely support it.

Please understand that in legal scenarios related to supplements you will receive analytical services and related interpretation of results, not a guaranteed answer or promise of providing a particular result. Results drive the process, as they do in all of our endeavors. ADSI utilizes cutting-edge science and deep experience at the highest levels to arrive at the correct answers. At ADSI, we believe that athletes, professionals and other consumers who get caught up in such issues deserve access to the best resources available to address their situation.

If you are interested in ADSI’s legal consulting services, please send your inquiries to or call toll free 1-800-522-8591. All discussions will be kept strictly confidential.

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