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The world of drug testing and anti-doping can be quite complex, especially in the constantly changing modern environment. New drug options appear regularly, often times disguised as legally sold dietary supplements. These developments can be a huge problem for drug-testing programs or for athletes, police officers, firemen and others who are subject to drug testing. Often legal issues can arise from a lack of understanding or response.

Through our consulting services, we aim to simplify this world for our clients and enable them to understand and deal with the modern-day issues. By applying our expertise to your particular concerns, we take this complicated work out of your hands and can deal with situations properly and professionally. Included in our consulting offerings are:

  • creating, designing and adjusting drug-testing program;
  • providing relevant and specific information to athletes or others involved in drug testing;
  • interpreting rules and lists and managing information hotlines and e-mail;
  • consulting and completing analysis for legal cases;
  • offering guidance on other more general topics.

Our consulting services are provided directly by our senior personnel, including the renowned Dr. Don Catlin. We will review all situations in advance of participation to ensure it is in line with our philosophy and services. All discussions will be kept in strict confidence.

Please send your inquiries to or call us toll free at 800-522-8591.


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