Custom Drug Testing and Program Management

Custom Drug Testing & Program Management

ADSI is a one-stop shop for drug-testing services and can advise on all matters relating to the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs. We can perform any element of the drug-testing process, from program design and creation, to adjustment of existing procedures or policies, to sample collection, or results management and administration.

Along with our Longitudinal Monitoring Program, we also offer traditional drug-testing programs focused on all the vital substances and categories of drugs. We can customize a program for your specific needs and concerns. Our distinctive program design includes experts from both the laboratory and the collection side, working in concert with the client to develop the best program possible to address your specific needs.

We ensure the highest degree of integrity in all elements of our programs based on deep experience and utilizing ISO 17025-accreditation standards. Collections are performed according to international standards and are completed with advanced chain of custody, tamper-proof containers, observation procedures, and other vital elements all conducted by an international network of experienced Doping Control Officers.

We are happy to provide our drug-testing services to professional and elite sport leagues, individual sport teams, colleges, high schools, athletic conferences, event organizers, branches of the military, police departments and other groups dedicated to maintaining an environment free of banned substances.

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